KIWA Covenant

In 2021, SERMAG obtained the KIWA Covenant certification, issued by the European certification body KIWA NV.

This certification concerns the Secondary Raw Materials that are produced by EuCertPlast certified plants, from which SERMAG procures and declares their origin.

The KIWA scheme was created with the aim of being able to certify even those companies that do not directly produce MPS, but that rely on plants that have achieved the prestigious European EuCertPlast certification, which can only be obtained by recyclers and transformers equipped with authorizations for waste treatment.

KIWA Covenant also certifies that the Secondary Raw Materials coming from EuCertPlast plants treated by SERMAG, are produced with the minimum percentage of 99% of recycled plastic, of PIR and PCR origin.

SERMAG has included the registered trademarks Riplastene, Riletilene and Rimaglene in the certification.

This is a very important goal for Sermag, considering the complexity of the certification scheme and the level of standards required.

The certification process that SERMAG has started in recent years transmits great transparency to its customers who consciously choose to buy recycled raw materials, preferring them to virgin ones, knowing that they are buying safe products, analyzed and with high quality standards.